Hosting WordPress sites on t2.nano instances

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Since AWS have now introduced a t2.nano instance, it is even cheaper to run a single instance for very low volume services, which don’t need the CPU performance of a t2.micro. However one thing to watch out for is memory – t2.nano instances only come with 512Mb of RAM, and I found that the mysqld instance I had on my t2.micro server kept mysteriously stopping when I downsized the instance. It seems as if more RAM is required, and the solution to this if you want to stick with a t2.nano instance is to introduce a swap volume to provide more available logical RAM to the instance.

To make a swap volume, first create a volume in EC2 of, say, 1Gb, you can use the gp2 volume type. Then attach it to your EC2 t2.nano instance, noting the device it is attached as – e.g. /dev/sdg

Then log in to your instance as ec2-user, and type

% sudo mkswap /dev/xvdg

% sudo swapon /dev/xvdg

% swapon -s

% lsblk

The last 2 commands check that the swap volume is connected, you can also check this in top.

To ensure the swap volume is always connected at startup, type:

% sudo vi /etc/fstab

and add the following line

/dev/xvdg  none  swap  sw  0  0

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